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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Marketing Software Online, Recording Online Events, Packaging Rich Media Content, Testing Users While Video Recording Them. A Good Conversation With TechSmith's Roy Stein

Do software vendors benefit in the long-run from offering unlimited free trials of their tools? How influential is word-of-mouth reputation in promoting sales compared to advertising?

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How can live, physical events best be recorded, enhanced and transformed into valuable digital packages, extending their value infinitely to a much greater audience?

When testing the usability of websites or software applications, how can you record every single action, including video and audio of the tester's reactions? Remotely? Study recorded statistics such as "time taken to perform action"? Add comments to the recording to highlight specific issues?



In a lively, wide-ranging and thought-provoking conversation, Robin Good and Roy Stein, Product Manager at TechSmith share their opinions and views as they look into these questions.

Robin Good

TechSmith develops and markets computer screen capture and screen recording software tools and is the company behind the hugely successful SnagIt screen capture tool, which has over 7 million users worldwide.

Roy Stein is TechSmith's Product Manager for Camtasia Studio, which both records on-screen activity and produces videos of the recording in all popular multimedia formats, including Macromedia Flash.

Robin Good explores some provocative issues and discovers some fascinating applications in this rapidly growing market for screen capture and recording tools. Roy Stein responds and discusses openly and insightfully.

As they say at TechSmith (when they talk about Morae):
[This is] Insight You Can Share.
A must-listen-to Good conversation.

Downloadable Recording .WMA file - 5.4 MB (duration 43')

Disclaimer: This is not a paid-for interview. It is a spontaneous, unprepared exchange of issues and interests shared by Robin Good and the company/person interviewed.

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2005-01-13 20:27:55

Robert De Carlo

Why have you changed your format so that one can no longer cut and past your articles. There are some things you write about that I am not intrested in now and I liked to print them out for future reference. I cannot do that now.

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