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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Skype Ideal Feature Set: Customers Vote

Skype is an increasingly popular real-time communication tool, allowing users on any Windows PC to easily call each other, entertain high-quality voice conversations without ever having to hear a dial tone or worry about the cost of their long distance exchange.


Its use its pretty straightforward making a call as difficult as clicking on a person name.

But that wasn't enough. Skype users demanded more. They wanted multi-party audio conferencing, ability to call standard telephone numbers at rock-bottom rates and versions for Linux, the Mac and even for handheld computers.

They got it all.

Yet they demanded more.

The more they were offered, the more they came back with more ideas and demands.

And so Skype hired the brains of the Public Mind to manage the growing number of feature requests in a simple and organized way. A way that disintermediates Skype itself from the direct conversation with its customers, but which notwithstanding this is capable of making individual end-user ideas gain more strength and influence over any company product development strategy.

Here are what Skype customers have expressed being their 100 or so, most wishful requests:



  • Skype with webcam capability

  • Voicemail for Skype

  • Skype for Windows 98

  • A Skype phone that connects to my switch so I don't need a computer close

  • Cordless Skype phone
  • Use a real phone as the Skype speaker/microphone through the modem port
  • Run Skype from a USB memory device
  • Call Skype from a regular phone
  • Skype with webcam capability
  • Skype for other platforms

  • Skype for Windows 98
    Skype for Playstation 2 and Xbox consoles.

  • Voicemail for Skype
  • Leave a text message too
  • Skype IM access for Cerulean Trillian
  • Skype chat rooms
  • Skype on mobile devices
    Microsoft Smartphone
  • SDK for Skype
  • Dynamic "call me" buttons for websites which show user online status
  • Online status to be in search results
  • Facsimile (fax) function for Skype
  • Custom ring tones that can be assigned to specific contacts
  • Hardware that allows me to plug in my real phone and use Skype

and a lot more.

From all of it, here is my personal top twenty.

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