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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Web-based Personal Content Management And Publishing System Integrates Mobile Posting And Podcasting Support: iUpload Personal Publisher

iUpload has just released the beta version of its new online personal publishing system iUplog. Half personal CMS, half blog, the iUpload solution brings together some of the best features found in the top mainstream solutions from Blogger, Movable Type, Typepad and MSN Spaces.

The iUplog Personal Publisher integrates user-defined categories, RSS (it automatically generates separate RSS feeds for each category, event and for the photo album), trackback, rich text formatting, photo albums, basic traffic statistics (a-la-Typepad), a blogroll (self-managed list of links) plus support for posting from mobile phones (by simply sending an email to a unique personalized address).



iUplog Personal Publisher integrates also support for RSS enclosures allowing independent publishers to use it for podcasting purposes (publish MP3 audio clips, interviews or personal audio stories).

The interface is simple and uncluttered, and accessing all of the various functions is quite easy and straightforward.


Still missing from this first beta release are:

a) an effective comment spam management system (what I use at the bottom of each article like this one is very effective)

b) easy search of other related/recent/relevant articles to be listed/linked/referenced in your posts

c) automatic thumbnail creation for images

d) integration of Amazon books display next to articles with the possibility of automatic or manual selection (while providing seamless integration with Amazon Associate program)

e) integration with Amazon/Paypal donation systems

f) ability to easily display/mix syndicated feeds from other sites on any Web page, either in side columns or in the main body one.

g) integrated newsletter production allowing publisher to select frequency, amount of content (length, fields published and categories) and format (text, HTML).

Just to be fair, the above are not glaring missing features from the iUplog Personal Publishing system but much in-demand features and facilities that any producer of blog/personal publishing systems should seriously consider.

If you are someone advising others on new publishing tools and services, or if you are looking for some possible alternative to Blogger or Typepad, this content publishing tool is definitely worth a look.

Try it out now.

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2005-01-04 04:25:54


Hello I have a problem. I don't know how to configure the Outlook Express with the Hopster(I think it is beautiful). I think it bypass the proxy because I can access to all pages in the web but the Outlook Express dosn't work

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