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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Making Music Through Online Collaboration:

"Do you have a killer guitar riff but can't sing to save your life? Do you dream of playing in a band but can't find the time? If so, this is the place for you.

Edoardo_Meneses_of_Stream_RG2004_350.jpg is on a mission to bring together "virtual bands" comprised of musicians and recording hobbyists from all over the world to collaborate on the writing and recording of music entirely over the internet.

All you need is an instrument, recording software and an internet connection and you could be on your way to crankin' out the hits!"



The creators of (MVB), long-time friends Kelly Senecal and Scott Mason, announced its birth through a press release on December 17, 2004. It bills itself as a new service that allows musicians to write and record songs over the internet through "virtual bands."

By swapping recorded audio tracks of original instrument and vocal parts, MVB projects are created from the ground up as open source, continually evolving songs with an emphasis on online collaboration.

This is all you need to do to get involved:

  • Get an instrument, recording software, and a high-speed internet connection

  • Read the Terms of Use. If you agree to the terms, register on the Forums

  • Now that you're a member on the Forums, look around and see if there is a project that interests you. Alternatively, post a new project idea

  • Existing project audio files can be downloaded via FTP. Members will be given information regarding FTP access. New audio files can also be uploaded using the FTP site

The concept in itself is fascinating. However, the technologies MVB are using to make this work will sound extremely familiar to regular vistors to this site:

  • Registered members collaborate online through "virtual bands" to create songs by swapping recorded audio tracks of their own instrument or vocal parts

  • is committed to the idea of open source music

  • Registered users of are considered members of the "MVB Community" and, as such, can freely copy, distribute, display, perform and, of course, add to the music submitted to

  • The agreement between MVB Community members, called the "MVB Open Music Agreement," invokes the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License and applies to all audio files and supporting materials, such as lyrics, etc., that are uploaded to the MVB servers

  • Non-members also have the freedom to download "completed songs" (currently in the form of Podcasts on MVB Radio) and distribute, display, or perform them

  • You can subscribe to news about the latest developments of this fledgling enterprise through this RSS 2.0 feed

This is very early days for (they are still in testing phase), and feedback is strongly encouraged.

Check them out and get involved!

Readers' Comments    
2009-04-28 09:55:33

Jack Lupon

i like the idea of online collaboration, but i prefer the real jamsessions.
even if i dont have any experiences regarding playin an instrument in a bad, coz im using software like MAGIX Music Maker (http://www.magix.comusmusic-maker)
i think that it makes more sense and meet in realtiy...

2007-07-17 08:46:00


Kompoz looks good but I don't like to use creative commons for my ideas. is my choise.

2007-06-17 13:17:44

Geoff U. looks great. very active. Thanks for posting the link surfstang.

2007-05-23 16:40:45



Forget about online mixing or online editing...use protools or your tool of choice then upload it to Kompoz so REAL musicians can kollaborate with you!!! It's simple and it works!

2007-04-24 06:38:18


You're not right Mike, many of the old community went to!

2007-04-08 05:05:40


This was a great site. It is now closed. Many of the users are coming over to now due to it has the same type of people there. People that want to have fun and jam.

2004-12-23 09:51:51

Jonathan Aquino

Here's some music I made with a couple of people whom I've never met, thanks to the power of the internet:

Conversation about how this came about:,33

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