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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Online Collaboration Future, Identity Management And The I-Names Project

How can online collaboration tools be improved? What do we need to do to leverage all of the potential new abilities we have created with these new technologies? Which are the ways in which we can start understanding where the improvements should be?

Eugene Eric Kim

Together with the recording of a Good conversation we have had a few days ago, here is a great manifesto about software for collaboration -- why the world's future depends on it, why the current crop of tools isn't good enough, and what programmers can and must do about it, is out there on the Web.

If you haven't read it yet, it is time you do.



Here, in my own shortened edition, Eugene Eric Kim's roadmap to the future.

This is must read stuff, and if it doesn't make sense the first time around, read it again, until it does.

If you have a high-speed Internet connection here is also my Good conversation with him covering many topics ranging from online collaboration key issues to the Identity Commons I-Names project.
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Reference: Kolabora [ Read more ]
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