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Saturday, December 4, 2004

Academic And Scholarly Search Engines Mini-Guide

Marcus P.Zillman has released a new interesting annotated mini-guide focusing on "Academic and Scholar Search Engines and Sources".


This 32-page PDF brings together over 150 of the most interesting resources dedicated to academic research and online bibliographic information. For each resource listed there is a one paragraph-long description and a direct link to the site.



This mini-guide, one among a growing list of interesting free lists covering topics ranging from agriculture to search engines, is freely downloadable (.pdf file 966KB) right here.

Given the amount of resources he has collected you would wonder how long more it will take before Marcus exposes them all in one set of online directories, where everyone could get a greater return for his great research efforts:

a) fresh and up-to-date searchable information

b) ability to still provide an optional PDF grab/download

c) ongoing traffic magnet for the author and

d) a very likely ideal sponsorship estate for potential players in each of the industries he covered (if not a perfect one for Google AdSense contextual ads).

What do you think?

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