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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Where Are The Warriors?

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The change-agent information warriors the title refers to are those individuals who have taken on the challenging opportunity of becoming independent news reporters, online information watchdogs for what mainstream media is forgetting to cover every minute.


Some good steam is coming out of the Communication Agents Initiative, my personal change the world through your news reporting project.

Here is an unedited excerpt from an email, that Sepp, one of Robin Good's Communication Agents has sent yesterday to a reader questioning where the warriors for change really are.

"Dear Ayala,

you say we are in war and ask "but where are the warriors". It's true, we ARE in a war, but it is not the same as your conventional slaughter of some innocent populace in the name of economic progress and security.

We're having a war of IDEAS.

Information makes up our ammunition.

Changing someone's idea about a subject is conquering territory.

Changing the way people with mental problems are treated would be winning a battle, and so on.

So the warriors are the people who take an interest, who pass on information, who argue with their congressional reps, etc.

Our struggle is to change things.

You are concentrating on a very important part of the puzzle: How we treat those that are thinking different thoughts and that are having different emotional reactions from what we see in the majority of others.

Don't worry, it's not really a question of physically doing things.

If by providing information (ideas) you can only make someone have an urge to do something, you are making progress, because when you have several people, who can "link up" with each other and who seriously want to do something, they will "do" whatever needs to be done, to bring about whatever changes are required. And if you let this pattern express itself unrestricted, you will see that the changes people will bring about are the same changes that you and I want.

You don't even have to know what exactly they are doing, and at times it is better you don't.

Organizing everything down to the last detail is the old way of doing things, and it is comparatively ineffective (because you can only organize so many people).

The real gain is where you can stimulate others to act. It multiplies your effectiveness.

So most of the time, all you have to do is put your idea out there, and others will naturally pick up on it.

Arianna Huffington's article and indeed the whole row over the FDA not caring for people's health is an example of how such ideas are picked up and carried forward.

We are out at the forefront, where the direction for changes is set. It feels lonely, because we think we're the only ones who have certain ideas, and it may be partially true.

But the secret is to just do it, while providing others with enough information to follow the direction we map.

I have put down my own ideas for change some time ago, together with some friends, in an article you can see on this site.

There are links on the left hand column of the page that describe how my friend Robin is supporting what he calls "Communication Agents". If you wish, you can participate in our change through communication initiative with your campaign.

It's quite an effective way of doing things...

Kind regards


Sepp Hasslberger is one of Robin Good's Communication Agents together with Chris Gupta, Ivan Ingrilli (on Sabbatical) and the newly launched French alternative health reporter Emma Holister.

Emma Holister's Candida International

Sepp and Chris are making serious progress in their awareness building and information-spreading mission.

The tools and techniques they use are the same that I test and experiment with myself on my main sites, before passing the tricks and strategies down on to them.

The results have been impressive. Without dwelling on numbers alone give a look only to this screenshot taken yesterday from Google News and see which site is showcased on top of the search results.

Google News search results page

And yes, a new brave and highly energetic new Communication Agent has just joined our tight but very powerful ranks: Emma Holister of Candida International is now broadcasting online counter-information about health, alternative medicine, the business of disease, the pharma cartel and more.

Shooting her English-speaking signal out of the French mountains, Emma Holister is our third active voice covering news and research relating to health. As volcanic as she is it has been difficult to restrain her from having started already a French version of this fast growing health news resource, and you can count on it becoming a reality very soon.

In less than a few weeks online, the new blog/site that we have setup for Emma is already recording a few hundred visitors per day and over three thousands page views during November. This while the site not having announced or launched "officially" the site in any way. This is in fact it's official go-public day!

In less than three months of quiet preparation Emma Holister has already published over 65 between articles, essay, news stories and reports.

Here is a great change agent, an information amazon of our times investing her best time and energies to help other people become informed, without recruiting, proselitizing or asking for donations. Emma is a true change agent learning how to use the most powerful digital weapons available: new media communication technologies.

Next one up is Ambros Hyeronimus.

Ambros in West Africa - 1983

When is it going to be you?

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posted by Robin Good on Tuesday, November 30 2004, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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