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Monday, November 29, 2004

No-face Marketing Drowns Web Conferencing News Marketplace

Here is an industry, dynamic, fast growing and exciting with new tools and technologies showing up on my radar on a weekly basis now, but with no real voices, personalities and character, as the audiences they are targeting would be expecting to find.

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The sacred Press Release reigns supreme as the major vehicle of informing audiences of facts and achievements no-one can trust. PR agencies are often called in to facilitate exposure and visibility while the true voices behind any one of these companies are kept silent for fear of breaking the perfect, blissful "brand".



Where are the screenshots of your tools? I ask.

Where is your free try-out area? Where is the forum to ask direct questions to your people?

Who is really sitting behind the fake press releases you keep pushing out? I can't even find the names and profiles of the people that in your company communicate with me. Who are they?

Why do they have no face, communication channel, or voice into this marketing conversation?

These are the questions to which I have received no answer yet.

Here some humble advice on how to start answering them.

Reference: Kolabora [ Read more ]
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