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Friday, November 19, 2004

Have A Good Idea? Global Ideas Bank Is Waiting For You

All of us have great ideas from time to time. Most often, those bright sparks extinguish quickly, usually because a great idea unshared is nothing more than that - a great idea.

But if you have a great idea that you'd like as many people as possible to hear about, to analyze, discuss and debate, or just have a fascination for other's ideas, then you should pay a visit to the Global Ideas Bank.


The Global Ideas Bank (GIB) is a not-for-profit website that is part suggestion box, part networking tool, part democratic think-tank and part "inspirational entertainment"

It is not interested in product or gadget ideas.



The GIB's database has nearly 4,000 ideas online. Hundreds of ideas are submitted each month by people from all over the world, and over 160,000 visitors have voted on the site with a rating, which allows the best ideas to rise to the top democratically. It currently attracts a quarter of a million unique visitors annually.

Ideas are categorized into the following groups:

  • Politics

  • Communications & Internet

  • Environment & Ecology

  • Education & Children

  • Social invention & creativity

  • Neighbourhood & Community

  • International & Developing World

  • Crime & The Law

  • War & Peace

  • Arts, Leisure & Lifestyle

  • Relationships

  • Welfare & Charity

  • Science & Energy

  • Transport

  • Work & Unemployment

  • Business & Economics

  • New Money Systems & Financial Innovations

  • Housing

  • Taxation

  • Old Age

  • Health & Therapy

  • Spirituality

  • Quality of Life

  • Death and Dying

The GIB's mission is:

"To promote and disseminate good creative ideas to improve society. It further aims to encourage the public to generate these ideas, to participate in the problem-solving process.

These ideas we term social inventions: non-technological, non-product, non-gadget ideas for social change. These are a mix of existing projects, fledgling initiatives and new bright ideas.

In this way, the Global Ideas Bank is part-suggestions box, part-ideas network and part-democratic think-tank, giving the "ordinary" person a chance to have their creativity recognised, rewarded and even put into practice.

The Global Ideas Bank further aims to provide information and a community to help those individuals who wish to make their idea or project a reality in their own community. See the Practical Help and Success Stories sections for more on this."

All that you need to do to submit your idea(s), or join in discussions about other's ideas, is to register. Once you've registered, you can also sign up to support ideas, comment on ideas and choose to receive ideas by e-mail in a particular category each week. You can alter your preferences whenever you want by logging in and checking out of 'MyGIB'.

Once an idea has been submitted, it gets a number of different ratings, both by the editors at GIB and by other members. Ideas can be rated with either a 'seed', 'plant' or 'tree' category.

An idea with a seed next to it is an initial concept: a bright idea. An idea with a plant next to it is a fledgling project for possible development. An idea with a tree next to it is a project that exists in some form.

"The intention is that ideas can evolve from an initial concept to a fledgling project and then be brought to fruition. The inventors of 'seeds' that get a high feasibility rating may be invited to submit more information to become a 'plant'; they, or someone else, can then use that to put the idea into practice....and become a tree, a project changing the world."

You can sign-up for email alerts by category to be notified when ideas arrive or are updated.

GIB also has a blog, which, of course, means you can have RSS newsfeeds delivered into your own news aggregator.

A truly amazing resource.

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Readers' Comments    
2007-09-10 20:28:15


I have some theories about things like United North America; what scientist call dark matter and the expanding universe, its light itself; Super Density Metals and Margnets; raising the output of electric motors/generator.

Politics and economy; solve the border issue. Protect our country, and increase our economy; close our borders and make it cheaper to have USA employees than pay taxes to import.

Ideas on manufacturing and industrial products, but they might be worth money.

I've got a little education, and I believe i have ideas on things that could change the the world, and could be worth money. I want know who to talk to to get these ideas implemented and money/fame.

Contact me directly.

2006-03-08 19:06:12

sean donohue

a geodesic dome aprroximately 500 miles in radius would have its roof in geosynchronus orbit. construction would have to be automated. the sahara would have a suitable hurricane free site.

2005-12-15 16:30:31


i have a good idea for cell phones, to increase sales 100%. please contact any cell phone manufacturing company.

2005-11-05 21:42:04

joseph Goertz

I think that we should push the Idea that all persons should marry people of there own age.If people had sex with someone their own age, this would allow the aids epidemic to be removed from society within one generation. Also, if a person had aids they could find a partner who also had aids rather than someone whe was aids free. It may be along time before a vaccine is available to prevent transmission. I was glad to hear the money we are sending to Africa has really been of help by providing medications to many poor people. Aids has affected almost 35% of there population. It is so very sad for all of them.
Joe Goertz

2005-09-13 16:40:06


I have an idea 4 mobiles...
Could you help this idea come to life ??
Please spread the word
Much applied
Dominik Vig, coatia

2005-08-13 01:21:19

Kevin McGoldrick

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