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Monday, November 8, 2004

The Corporate RSS NewsMaster: The Information Advisor Reports

In the June edition of the Knowledge Management quarterly supplement to the Information Advisor electronic magazine, chief editor Robert Berkman interviewed me on the emerging role of the RSS newsmaster and of its relevance within the corporate information management community.

As the article was published in a paid, subscription-only, edition of the Information Advisor, I did agree not to release the content of the interview to my readers until three full months had passed from its initial publication.

Though, my view, perspective, technical understanding and overall outlook on the newsmastering concept has further evolved in these last few months, I believe that this interview well complements and corroborates much of the ideas about the usefulness of the emerging RSS newsmaster role inside corporate environments, and helps me proceed in the long and patient evangelization of this truly sweeping new profile.

So, while for my close followers there may be no revelatory new visions in this interesting exchange I had with Mr Berkman, if you are among those who have not yet discovered what this RSS newsmaster concept is all about, this maybe an enjoyable starting point.

Here is how it starts:

"Q. So I can be sure that I understand your definition
of RSS NewsMaster, would it be accurate to say that you are suggesting:

the information specialist can create a kind of customized online news site for their firm that focuses specifically on the topic(s) of highest interest to their
organization, by using RSS Readers (and other tools) to create narrow, niche news services that pull from online news sites and blogs on topic? For example, one could create an RSS Feed titled "Canadian Drug Import News" or "Non-GMO, Organic Vegetable Marketing Alert," etc.--whatever topics people in the organization need to track?

Yes, that's it exactly.

Q. How does the emergence of the RSS NewsMaster role intersect with what is currently considered knowledge management in an organization?"

Here is the whole interview in PDF, as originally released.

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