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Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Robin Good On RSS NewsMastering

"The renaissance man for independent publishing on the Internet. "

I must thank Tom Parish for his kind words. He has done a wonderful job of making me comfortable in explaining, for the first time in a more detailed and pragmatical way, what RSS newsmastering is and how it can be executed.

In his just-published audio interview with me, he has taken the time to explore the tools and services I use to create a basic topic-specific channel.

If you will listen through it, you will learn that there is no big expense involved in trying out some nifty newsmastering experiments. You yourself will be surprised at how effective this can get to be.

Overall the essence of the process comes down to:

a. Select valuable RSS sources you can count on. To do so, go to:

b. Create custom search feeds (like you can do with several free tools and services) that pull in other "on target" content from a very broad and growing pool. Keep in mind that in most "intelligence" or "research" work you will need to tap into at least three main great categories of content:
1) the Web,
2) the blogosphere,
3) the news.

c. Store what you get in a database.

d. Now, filter it according to basic rules that will exclude irrelevant, redundant and non-acceptable content.

e. Mix it all together into one RSS feed.

f. Publish on the Web as a page + RSS.

This is what newsmastering is.

There is a specific set of tools and online services you can use right now to do all of the above at very low cost.

Want to find out more?

a) Listen to the interview (interview duration: 30 minutes :::: format: MP3 ::: file size:12MB)

b) Get my mini-guide: The NewsMaster Toolkit.

(Tom is an exquisite interview host and a competent online marketing strategist, with a great, open-mind. It is him you must thank for this.)



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