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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Optimize Adwords Titles: Dynamic Headlines

Relevancy is the key to the success of all advertising.

The Google AdWords advertising program allows small and medium sized advertisers to reach a very large and diverse audience made up of the users of the Google search engine, and by the millions of visitors to web sites sporting contextual text-based ads provided by the complementary AdSense program.

When utilizing AdWords, advertisers have at their disposal only a very small text-based ad, that is displayed contextually to Google search results and next to relevant articles on participating Web sites.

Titles and their wording in these ads is absolutely critical, especially if multiple alternative competitors are lined up in the space next to it. Due to this, expert online marketers go to great lengths inv devising headlines that are effective, unique and that can immediately provide valuable information to relevant readers.

Did you know that if your Adwords text-based ad contains the exact search term that someone has just typed in a Google search, Google will reward you by highlighting the term in bold in your ad. This extra bold highlight has been proven to increase response and clickthrough rate to your ads.

What about if you could set things up so that the title of your AdWords ad would reflect exactly what someone had just typed inside the Google search?

Wouldn't that be super?

Jason Lewis, is indeed reporting in detail how to do this by simply using a specific syntax inside the Google AdWords posting interface.

Find out the details here: How To Create 'Dynamic Headlines' For Your Google AdWords Ads.




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