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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Rip Mix Feed: Learning Objects And Their Future

Thanks to Stephen Downes who has been promptly pointing at this very interesting resource brought together by Brian Lamb and Alan Levine.

I truly like their open-ended approach to popularizing these new concepts and ideas as they start to emerge in the academic world.

Unless you have already been looking into reusable learning objects, RSS, metadata and all of the hot issues surrounding these topics, this growing collection of resources maybe a bit too cutting edge for you.

If instead you are into the bleeding edge of learning approaches and technologies, have grasped some of the concepts surrounding the idea of a newsmaster or digital information librarian, you will find a rich and fascinating treasure of practical resources and examples in this growing Rip&Mix collaborative toolkit.

This wiki-based toolkit is part of a much larger open collaborative online workspace entitled Rip. Mix. Feed. - Decentralization of Learning Resources: Syndicating Learning Objects Using RSS, Trackback, and Related Technologies.



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