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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Publisher-Driven Ad Selection: When?

Dave Morgan at ClickZ writes about the need to move from ad-targeting to a more consumer-centric, ad-filtering mentality.

"Ad targeting helps publishers improve inventory revenue yield, enabling them to sell more ads for more money.

It helps advertisers improve campaign effectiveness, enabling them to deliver more appropriate messaging to reach otherwise elusive audiences. And it helps agencies manage campaigns more efficiently, enabling them to reduce wasted impressions and deliver leads and relationships at lower costs.

What about consumers? What do they get out of ad targeting? Why are they the last constituency listened to, rather than the first?"

And the answer here is much simpler and closer than where it is reported to be.

Consumers are not in the hearts of major publishers (online and off) because all of these guys have as their major goal a business-oriented frame of mind. While this is not something bad per se, it obviously places any organization strongly-driven by financial accountability and profitability to take decisions and make choices that may not be really driven by what end users may like and want.

If this is the consumer age, you need yes to listen to the consumers, but you can't just talk to them and be credible, the moment that you are trying to make a business out of them.

You are not credible: and it is written on your forehead in capital letters.

That is why blogs have so much of a following, and the good bloggers have so much credibility and traction. They are often not after making themselves rich first. They are after a passion, a mission, a long cured interest.

They want to be independent. They want to report without being tied and submissive to the companies that pay their banner ads.

Bloggers ARE consumers first. They are already on the correct side of the marketing conversation. They are advisors, counselors, mentors. They offer trusted advice and alternative resources.

Providing bloggers with the ability to independently select advertisers from a pool of qualifying ads and allowing them to filter their promotional messages by value/credibility/trust those is the first important step.

Can this be done?

Why new agencies are not taking advantage of this opportunity?

Who is offering (or about to) this type of service?



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posted by Robin Good on Thursday, October 21 2004, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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