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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Browser-Based Research Tools: Marcus P. Zillman Reports

Marcus P. Zillman has a new (finally) annotated research report listing a good number of research-oriented browser-based tools.

Marcus is an exellent scout with a number of artificial bots working for him on most any topic he wishes to. This time, he has chosen, like in so many other of his resource-rich PDF resources, to share a great collection of useful tools/services supporting a specific interest or industry.

With this new report, Marcus brings together a whole new set of emerging tools that are making the rounds of information librarians, business analyists and competitive intelligence researchers' desktops. These are the new tools that allow information gatherers to search, collect, organize and often share/publish your "news bits" into unique comprehensive reports.

"These research browsers allow you to visualize information to find new relationships and associations to create knowledge discovery and obtain new and highly relevant research data."

While this very sector is in turmoil with many new tools, services and new versions being announced almost weekly, this new report by offers a good initial frame of reference for further study and research on a large group of tools and applications that mark the popularization of Web-based personal research integrated with content organization, search, filtering and publishing facilities.

Online Research Browsers - An Internet MiniGuide Annotated Link Compilation by Marcus P. Zillman. (Updated Oct.20th 2004 - 14 pages)




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