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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Free Collaborative Web Page With RSS: Scrivlet

Scrivlet is a new, easy-to-use, collaborative Web-based editor, that allows anyone to post text online and to have others come by and contribute easily to it.

Scrivlet produces an RSS feed for any Web page created, is compatible with all major browsers (no Safari, Konqueror or old versions of IE for the Mac), does not require any technical knowledge of HTML and it can be used for many potentially useful tasks including:

  • Creating collaborative lists

  • Gathering support references for an article/report/book

  • Commenting and reviewing an essay

  • Brainstorming asynchronously

  • Coordinating activities for a dispersed group



This is no fancy, advanced, enterprise-like tool. Here we have somethign that is indeed very simple, free, and which can be used the next second after your first access to it.

No sign-up or registration is required.

Each new page that you create on Scrivlet has its own specific URL. You need to share that URL (and bookmark it for yourself too) for anyone to be able to access the collaborative page you have created and work on it.

Unfortunately, maximum posting size in Scrivlet, as of today (Oct 17th) is a disappointing 5000 characters.

When editing an existing Web page, Scrivlet provides you with a full WYSIWYG editor that integrates the ability of formatting text, adding links and images, creating bulleted and numbered lists, simple tables and more.

After a month of inactivity any page you have created on Scrivlet is deleted.

Not bad for a free Web-based tool accessible from anywhere.

Need to collaborate online without having to get any software installed on your computer? Scrivlet maybe your solution.
Check it out.

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