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Friday, October 8, 2004

Online Newspapers Around The World - A New Directory

As an independent publisher and NewsMaster, having access to authoritative news sources is an essential resource. Although more and more news publishing entities around the world are offering some or all of their content online, it's always a judgement call as to which ones are authoritative and reliable:

  • How independent are they?

  • How much of their news is original and based on solid research?

  • How much is based on speculation and rumour, rather than on fact and reality?

  • How much is just a rehash of other sources? is a worldwide directory of newspapers which offer online editions. NewspaperIndex claims to:

"Collect and maintain links only to newspapers and publications containing local, free and independent news from each country in the world. You will not find links to online media sites that solely grab information, reports and content from other sources.

The database does not have newspapers that focus on gossip, rumour, local or sport news. We only include websites with free public access that have a local editorial staff of independent journalists and in most cases a print version as well.

Another important thing is that we only accept broadcast sites and online media that are daily updated."

This is a truly amazing resource. It appears that every country in the world is covered, from Afghanistan (5 entries) to Zimbabwe (9 entries), via Kyrgyzstan (9 entries) and Micronesia (1 entry).

The site has been developed by journalist Hans Henrik Lichtenberg, whose aim is to "direct people to news sources of high quality. We try to keep this as both a non-profit and a non-bankrupt project."

In the spirit of a true, independent NewsMaster, Mr Lichtenberg encourages users to "consider donating an amount to keep free, fast and functional...all donors will be listed here with a web link - if you wish. Another thing you can do is to link to newspaperindex."

Hans Henrik - we would like support your truly commendable efforts by freely offering you two pieces of advice:

1. Ascertain whether the sources you cover offer RSS feeds and then indicate whether they do in your listings. You will then have a multitude of your peers - like-minded independent, ethically-motivated NewsMasters from around the world, visiting your site to collect up relevant sources for their own use.

2. And/or having identified those sources that have RSS feeds, why don't you aggregate them all and offer the feeds up for syndication? There are plenty of news providers who would be more than delighted to enter into a commercial arrangement with you.

GOOD luck!

Francis Good - -
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2004-10-08 13:31:06

Francis Good

Thank you Doug and Cathy for your comments and useful input.

Hans Henrik - I think there are two RSS possibities for you. Firstly, yes if you could have an orange RSS icon placed next to the name of every newspaper that offers RSS (webfeeds), within each Country section, that would be very useful. Secondly, as this is an ongoing project for you, it would be very useful for your regular site visitors if you could offer them the option to subscribe to your updates via a RSS feed. Good luck!

2004-10-08 11:38:18

Hans Henrik Lichtenberg

Thanks for your kind words and input. - Doug, I will do some research to complete the Argentina section. Two newspapers in a huge country is not good. If you have any suggestions, please send me a mail.

Francis, the idea of RSS feeds is indeed very good. I will think about how it can be built into the system. How would you like a RSS icon similar to the "updated" icon on the frontpage?
My main concern is that it is only a very small percentage of the newspapers that offers RSS.

And yes - Your input is far more worth than 100 USD on my paypal account:-)


2004-10-08 09:11:29

Cathy Diane

Great information here. Just what I needed to complete my essay. Thanks. In my opinion the internet is the key to success!

2004-10-08 05:42:19


Looks like a nice site, but being interested in Argentina myself I found the only 2 sources somewhat lacking.

I really like the comprehensive country specific info available at for world news sources.

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