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Monday, October 4, 2004

Hotshots: The Members Of The MSN Search Champs Advisory Group

Straight from Seattle, a randomly ordered list of all people invited to join the meeting of the MSN Search advisory group, nicknamed "Search Champs":

RSS button Elizabeth Lane Lawley (mamamusings)

RSS button Paul Aelen (Dutchcowboys - in Dutch)



info Ian Grayson (technology journalist)

RSS button Chris Pirillo (C:\PIRILLO.EXE ~ Chris Pirillo)

info Matt Paines (SEO News Blog)

info Kris Abel (technology journalist)

RSS button Peter Stewart (ClickThinking) entry edited November 18th, 2004 - mh

RSS button Steven Bink (

RSS button Don Park (Don Park's Daily Habit)

RSS button Jason Dunn (Digital Media Thoughts)

ATOM button Matt Miller (PalmSolo) entry edited October 7, 2004 - mh

info Andrea di Stefano(info)

info Aurelio Minerbo (Director of Baboo, Brazil)

info Marc Mitrani (internet journalist)

RSS button Buzz Bruggeman (buzznovation)

info Greg Boser (WebGuerilla Founder)

info Maurizio Bergami (Journalist working for Mondadori Publishers, Italy)

RSS button David Weinberger (Joho The Blog)

RSS button Phil Bradley (Phil Bradley's Blog)

RSS button Peter Da Vanzo (

RSS button Loren Heiny (Incremental Blogger)

RSS button Brad Turcotte (Brad Sucks)

RSS button Doug Seven (Doug Seven)

RSS button Alan Reiter (Reiter's Wireless Data Web Log)

info Gérald Claessens (PublicityWeb)

info Luca De Biase (DeBiase)

RSS button Dave Winer (Scripting News)

RSS button Marc Orchant (theofficeweblog)

RSS button Robin Good (MasterNewMedia)

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