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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Free Conversion To Acrobat PDF: PrimoPDF

PDF or Portable Document Format, is a unique, cross-platform format that allows for precise representation of documents inside highly compressed files.

By converting a document to PDF, the key advantage is the ability to preserve with high fidelity the original design, look and fonts of the original, no matter on what kind of computer or operating system the final user will be. PDF is a de facto electronic distribution standard for documents.

PrimoPDF is a new Windows desktop tool that allows anyone to create PDF documents from any application or Web page at absolutely zero cost.


PrimoPDF offers more features and benefits by offering two higher grade products that sell for a price, but the basic PrimoPDF free solution can be still extremely useful for those that need basic, simple-to-use document to PDF conversion without too many options.

In this respect PrimoPDF shows to be an excellent solution, as it is used just like another printer connected to your PC, with the only difference that when you print to this new virtual printer your file goes into a PDF file instead of appearing on a piece of paper.

PrimoPDF allows to select between PDF creation for screen or print use, allowing therefore the minimum control necessary to at least optimize PDF creation for the appropriate final use.

PrimoPDF supports output coming from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and virtually any other printable document type. (Windows only)

Please note that the PrimoPDF Converter is a fully functional free product. It is not a trial. From what I have personally verified, PrimoPDF also does not contain ads, spyware, pop-ups or other visible or invisible commercial intrusion.

Highly Recommended.

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