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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Art For Money, Money For Art

"Publishers are dinosaurs running out of oxygen. Everyone seems to think that art comes from publishers, and if publishers are finding things hard, well let's all chip in (with an Internet tax) and divvy the money up among the publishers according to their output.

Forget the publishers (at least on the Internet).

Our art will come from artists.

Face it, there's a world of people with a good DEMAND for art, and a wealth of artists with a good SUPPLY.

Believe me, they are not going to stare blankly at each other across a bottomless chasm wondering how they can convince the other to exchange money for art.

The chasm is what people imagine will replace the dinosaurs when they're finally gone. That's just fear of the unknown future talking.

There will be no chasm.

Artists and audience will meet and do a deal. Art for money, money for Art. Everyone will be happy. ..."

[posted as a comment on JOHO the blog "My Tuesday with the World Economy Forum" by Crosbie Fitch on September 25, 2004 06:59 AM]



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