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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

RSS Top55 Reaches 90

The RSS Top55 has reached today 90 listings representing the best selection of RSS search engines and blog directory submission sites available on the net today.

If you are into getting some exposure and visibility for your online news reports this is the place to go to.

While the RSS Top55 keeps growing, the newest entry StepNewz is by itself an interesting one to look into.

Directory, search engine, news aggregator and RSS publisher, StepNewz collects nearly 80,000 newsfeeds in different languages and categories.

While general usability and navigation of this service still leave a lot be desired, submission of your RSS newsfeed(s) is very straightforward and easy to do.

What is rather interesting, if you have the patience to explore a bit deeper this new free online service while bearing with all of its early idiosyncracies and bugs, is the fact that StepNewz is slanting its service to search and aggregate multiple news feeds and to share and publish such personal compilations online. StepNewz has even integrated a bare bone RSS feed generator that as simple to use as typing into it your first news item.

Another potential newsmastering service?



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