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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Great Presentation Showcases Groove V3 Best Collaboration Features

A lovely friend pointed me today to a Groove presentation which I hadn't seen before.

This excellent audio-visual streaming presentation showcases Groove version 3 new key features and it provides visual examples of how the new features and facilities can be used.

Groove v3 is really an outstanding collaboration platform for users on any platform (just add some Blended Groove if you are on a Mac, Linux or Internet cafe type of computer).

I have recently seen a PC Magazine review comparing a small suite of collaboration tools which included Groove, and Basecamp. While I strongly felt that apples and oranges were being compared, I was rather appalled to see, a traditionally asynchronous-only Web-based collaboration technology with an aging interface being given awarded the Editor's Choice.

With all the respect for, which has recently added to its offering a not-too-friendly third-party conferencing facility from Netspoke, and the enormous respect I pay to the information design and usability bonanza offered by the guys at Basecamp, I must say that Groove is just not comparable to these other tools. It really stands in a different category.

Online secure shared workspace. A true virtual office.

I highly recommend you to download their free preview version.



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