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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

RSS News For Business And Marketing Applications

RSS marketing - key questions to ask:

1) In your experience, what are the best marketing and business uses for RSS? Could you perhaps give us some practical examples?

2) But what are the greatest benefits of using RSS as a content delivery vehicle?

3) The number one problem RSS publishers are facing is the lack of knowledge about RSS. What in your mind are the best ways to present RSS to your existing subscribers and get them to start using it, and of course "subscribe" to their feed?

Rok Hrastnik has recently engaged me in a short tour de force around some major questions on the future of email, RSS, and RSS possible uses for business and marketing goals.

I have decided to call this topic-theme he drove me into, RSS Wave, and to report through it my vision and practical research discoveries of what appear to be significant applications of RSS technology for business and marketing.



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