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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

PowerPoint Six-Pack: Fundamentals To Effective Presentation Design And Delivery

Six great presentation guidelines for any communication officer who needs to deliver information that is useful, easy-to-understand and memorable.

  • One: Figure out what the audience needs to know, not what you want to say.
  • Two: Design from summary to detail
  • Three: Hide the details
  • Four: Create FAQ slides
  • Five: Nest information
  • Six: Tell them where to find more information

Instead of worrying about fancy photographs and 3D titles, it is much better to focus on an effective approach to communication and to the provision of a simple, clear and well presented message.

The suggestions available in this short article provide some good food for thought for novice presenters, trainers and lecturers who want to get beyond the visual glitz and provide a little more valuable meat to their listeners.

Get the story details from Kathy Jacobs right here.



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