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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Keyword Discovery Service For Your Google Adwords Campaigns: AdWordAccelerator

AdWordAccelerator is an online service that provides a very convenient set of tools to identify the (cost-)effective keywords combinations to utilize with Google AdWords.

Google AdWords is Google's own advertising program which allows any company to start advertising through the contextual text-ads appearing inside Google search results pages and through the extensive network of Web sites that Google uses to distribute its Web site contextual text-ad program called AdSense.

Since Google AdWords allows advertisers to select the keywords that will trigger the display of their ads in Google search engine result pages, it is very important for them to be able to assess alternative and complementary keywords to the core ones initially identified. This allows to drastically reduce campaign costs while targeting more specific needs and customer types.

What is also essential once you start doing this type of online promotion, is to keep under tabs the costs of such a campaign. Advertisers pay for each click their ads receive, and depending on the display position and the keywords they decide to e matched to, the cost for each click may range from a few cents to more than one dollar.

AdWordAccelerator allows the expert online marketing manager to estimate and gauge the best combination of keywords and forecasted clickthroughs for the budget she has available.

Similar in concept to the famous and highly acclaimed WordTracker service, AdWordAccelerator provides a well designed, easy-to-use and effective system to identify complementary and alternative keyword combinations around a theme/topic while maintaining a watchful eye on the costs involved.

Targeted at AdWords campaign managers, the service is so good that it can be applied also to other similar intelligence tasks including keyphrase optimization for article titles and for labelling of other niche content, identification of marketing niches and alternative terminologies that can be applied to reach a common interest group.

In essence, AdWordAccelerator can quickly find keyword phrases that match your specific budget, position, and clicks-per-day goals while providing excellent keyphrase alternatives.

Quick online demo. Free try-out. USD $19.95/month. Internet explorer required.




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