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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Free Alternatives To Commercial Software Tools

This is a good list of free tools that can easily replace commercial software applications we normally use.

The software tools in this list are all free replacements for software that people commonly pirate, copy or steal through illegal means.

My call: Do not pirate software and use some of these free tools!

This is only a partial list and it covers spyware/adware free software applications in the following categories:

  • Spyware removal

  • Computer protection and maintenance

  • Antivirus

  • Firewall protection

  • Spyware protection

  • Office-like applications

  • PDF creation

  • Email

  • Calendar

  • File compression

  • Presentation/Wizard maker

  • Internet/Networking

  • FTP

  • Download management

  • Website copying

  • Image editing

  • HTML editing

  • Text editing

  • Audio/Mp3/CD

  • Audio editing

  • CD/mp3 ripping

  • Partition management

  • Video/Rendering

  • 3D Modeling and animation

  • Morphing software

All of the software tools listed here have been tested and verified and are free of spyware or adware components.

Highly recommended.



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Readers' Comments    
2006-11-24 12:36:31

Robin Good

Yes, unfortunately not all content remains available forever. This one seems indeed to have gone.

You can look up this link:

2006-11-24 10:41:59


This link seems to be broken!

2004-09-12 10:02:47

Mary-Ann Horley

Do you know of any lists for Mac stuff?

2004-09-12 02:56:11

Jonathan Aquino

In a related vein, here is a Slashdot article on free *online* replacements for desktop apps:

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