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Friday, September 10, 2004

RSS To Jabber

rss2jabber is a new application that gathers RDF/RSS/Atom newsfeeds and sends them to an IM client.

It is possible to subscribe to multiple newsfeeds and to select the update frequency and maximum number of articles to be received at every update.

To try rss2jabber you need a jabber account.

With your favorite jabber client, add this JID:
to your contacts and send it the command:


then, for example, use the command:

sub 3:30 4

this will subscribe you to the slashdot RSS feed. It'll be polled every 3:30hs. and on every update it'll send up to 4 new articles.

rss2jabber is written in PHP, with help from MagpieRSS and the PHP Class Jabber and uses MYSQL to store the subscriptions.

For more info see:

At the rss2jabber site you will also find a very useful mini-list of tools and services that you can utilize to create RSS newsfeeds.

by Fernando Aversa



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