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Monday, September 6, 2004

Human-Factored Web Design: Let The User Be In Control

"...the designer's job is to provide the features users need in a transparent interface that gets out of the way and lets users focus on the task at hand.

Sacred words!

"Leading e-commerce sites typically understand this; they sell more when users focus on products rather than on puzzling out the design's surface manifestation.

A simple user interface is not boring. It excites users because it lets them connect with the content and engage the company behind the site.

Website designers stare at their designs all day, every day. In contrast, users visit for four minutes and then leave. Very different experiences in terms of what's boring and exciting. Don't aim at an exceptional experience for yourself and your team members.

...Users don't want to admire the scrollbars. Truth be told, they don't even want scrollbars as such, they just want to access content and have the interface get out of the way.

...Users don't like websites that patronize them or tell them what to do. They like websites that support the goals of their visit.

Designs that support user empowerment are the best way to make money on the Internet."

Yes, it is not Jakob's latest, but it nonetheless deserves some good attention, as it contains many wise statements.

Interesting and highly critical comments for the use of embedded ad links, which according to Jakob are on of the worst and least successful advertising tactics available today.

If you are the chief editor of a commercial Web site this is good advice to follow.



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