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Friday, September 3, 2004

Qumana, A New Posting And Personal KM Tool

This is tool that the blogging community is going to love to get their hands on. It is also a great tool for personal knowledge gathering. I've been in a private beta test of the tool for a couple months now, but it's ready for the public and ready to go.

The tool started out as a knowledge gathering and sharing tool and posting to blogs was sort of an add-on. Then the next version came along, and at first I was a bit skeptical, but now it's an essential tool in my blogging kit. I'm a big fan of BlogJet, I love it's look and feel and the ease of use, so Qumana had an up hill battle to win me over. However, with this latest version (and another one due very soon), I'm sold. Qumana is so compact it will actually fit on a 16 meg USB flash drive with plenty of space to spare for files. Perfect for a portable knowledge center.

Qumana is a little different. There is a little window (the DropPad) that floats on your screen. You drag and drop virtually anything onto it. Then you double-click the window and the fun starts.

The main Qumana application has two halves. The top half is your library. This is where you can store URLs, snippets of content, previous blog posts, etc. The bottom half is the WorkPad. This is where you will see the items you've dropped into the DropPad. Once you've configured Qumana for the servers (I don't know what the limit is, but I have several set up) you post to (it works best with Blogware-powered blogs, right now, but MT is supported), posting is as simple as hitting the Publish button and up comes a full-featured WYSIWYG editor. You just edit the post, check the spelling, and click the Post blog button. Your done.

Okay so what's so revolutionary about this application? It's the potential. I'm managing a blog for a conference coming up in October. I'm receiving content via e-mail, Word docs, you name it. But with Qumana, if it's electronic, I can drag, drop, and publish. It really is that easy.

Qumana is now in a soft-launch beta mode, but is available for download from the Qumana website.

Give Qumana a whirl. I think you'll like it.

//">Qumana Download



Readers' Comments    
2004-09-09 02:15:32

Tris Hussey


I know that the Qumana folks are setting up a new FTP server to handle the great response to this first public beta, so that might be why you're getting a blank directory.

And, yes right now it is only a Windows product, but I've heard rumours that a OS X version is in the works.


2004-09-09 01:29:22

Stephen Downes

Download link takes me to a blank directory. Also, I assume the tool is Windows only, but the article doesn't mention either way. Tool sounds great, though.

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