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Friday, September 3, 2004

Experience On-Demand: Personal Content Recorders

"Nowadays personal digital assistants help us with planning, address information,
communication and making notes. Soon they will be able to capture our environment audio-visually and store our perceptual experiences. They turn into personal content managers.

Personal content managers will be able to capture, filter, store, analyze and retrieve continuous streams of audio and video.

They will be able to understand sensory information at a semantic level and proactively support us in our navigation and conversation by presenting personal content at the right time and the right place.

They will help us recognize people and places.

In the end personal content managers will turn into experience machines and will provide experience on demand.

Experience machines will let us share multimedia experiences across networks, pass experiences on to others and to next generations.

Virtual reality techniques make it possible to experience synthetic worlds based on computer models of geometric objects and visualizations of abstract data. This gives us the opportunity to experience working on the bridge of a ship before it is built.

If computers were able to analyze and model the structure of the real world fast enough we would be able to remotely experience real world
scenes in real time.

This would allow tele-presence.

For example, this would upgrade watching the world cup finals on television to experiencing running around between the players - real time - without really being there.

The next step is not to model the actual real world, but to model the past based on a person's digital memory of autobiographic multimedia data. We will then be able to re-experience the first time we kissed a girlfriend, including multimodal feedback about what we saw, heard and said, and various forms of bodily and contextual information.

Further we can share and integrate archived personal experiences from many persons into a "collective experience" yielding fascinating applications in the field crisis management and rescue teams."

A truly fascinating read, no matter what you may think of its feasibility, it ushers possibilities and ideas I have been dreaming of for a long time. If you need another Steve Mann, I am available.



Peter Werkhoven -
Reference: ACTeN [ Read more ]
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