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Friday, September 3, 2004

Americans Don't Believe Me: Mental-Health-Screening-Is-Coming-Your-Way

Thanks to the razor sharp capturing antennas of Sepp Hasslberger, I have been reporting here before of this "cutting-edge" initiative that the US Government is taking forward.

But believe me, what strikes me most, is not the news story per se, which is just short of outrageous, but the near total silence of those who, especially in the blogosphere, could inform and share the pretty scary insider tracks into this.

Here is a short excerpt from an article in the Illinois Leader, a conservative newspaper...

"As Illinois prepares to become the first state to implement President Bush's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, controversy is brewing around the nation over its "Orwellian" mandates, as one observer called them.

So far, only Internet sites are exploring the controversy, with newfound information traveling throughout a nationwide network of "intelligence" gatherers and disseminators on a daily basis.

The concerns are sweeping - over pharmaceutical influence on the Food and Drug Administration and medical profession, over lack of or faulty clinical trials, and over political corruption.

The Illinois Children's Mental Health Partnership, charged with putting the Children's Mental Health Act into action and overseeing its implementation, stated in its preliminary plan last month it will "explore strategies for maximizing the purchase of psychotropic drugs from the state Pharmacy at discount prices.

Where T-Map is implemented fully, children in state care, prison inmates, and patients in state mental hospitals are all subject to the use of these algorithms."

If you yet cannot believe what you have just been reading, consult directly the Screening for Mental Health web site for more "official" information. Enjoy:

Screening for Mental Health, Inc. (formerly the National Mental Illness Screening Project) is a nonprofit organization developed to coordinate nationwide mental health screening programs and to ensure cooperation, professionalism, and accountability in mental illness screenings.

Article excerpt:

Illinois, eye of national mental health storm by Rhonda Robinson

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Illinois Leader -
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2005-09-26 20:22:08


Pretty good a website !
Nice job :)
Regards Cycate Kobiety

2005-01-14 04:43:39


I know this guy who thought iraq had -- get this -- weapons of mass destruction...I know, what a nut, anyway, you'll never believe this, he got the US ARMY TO INVADE wouldn't believe what happened next...Anyhoo, now I'm reading about this new mental health thingie...could be PERFECT for this guy I've been talkin about! How can we get the ball rolling on that? Thanks!

2004-11-04 20:45:18


I am writing an interesting article that may prove to be related to the BUSH initiative, but let's hope not.

CHINA and the USSR used what is referred to
as Political Psychiatry, a method of social control, that quieted dissidents and critics by putting them in mental asylums.

It should be online at our site
by Nov. 12, 2004.

The question to ask is, given this Bush initiative:
"Is the ultra conservative right, implementing a draconian measure of social control, seeking to weed out the future leadership of the peace, environmental, and political left movements ?"

2004-09-10 01:07:31


I believe you too. I am American but married to a Dutchman so if worse comes to worse...

Anyway, I am forwarding this information far and wide as a concerned mother.

2004-09-09 01:14:57

Stephen Downes

If it helps, I believe you.

But then again, I'm not American.

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