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Wednesday, September 1, 2004

How To Measure Link Desirability? Link Appeal

If you are looking for yet another indicator to assess the credibility, authority or popularity of a Web site you may like to add Link Appeal among your list of valuable resources.

Link Appeal computes a reference score (1-10) which integrates factors such as Google PageRank, the number of outbound links from the URL you have specified, the overall percentage ratio of hyperlinks to html code in the selected page and the Traffic Rank assigned by the Alexa service.

Originally developed to evaluate the desirability of having a link from a certain page (a typical obsession of compulsive online marketers) Link Appeal can be used for many different purposes to evaluate the importance or viability of a Web site as a marketing/awareness channel.

I have added Link Appeal to PACmeter, my public open resource page bringing together the best and most valuable popularity, authority and credibility indicators.

(A nice addition would be the ability to list and compare the Link Appeal of multiple sites at once.)



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2004-09-09 17:01:00


Thanks for the mention :)

Multiple Link Appeal calculations may be added to a windows app I hope to release soon.

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