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Monday, August 30, 2004

CMS, Findability And The Importance Of Making Your Content Be Found

"The current emphasis on content management is not about content management at all but rather about content publishing - and there is a difference.

Organizations are aware of the problems in getting current, reliable information into an intranet but feel that their responsibility stops with building the repository and providing some templates for page display.

Far too little attention is paid to the fact that unless people can find the information, the effort to add it to the repository and to make the look consistent is wasted.

...Thankfully, information architecture advocates have begun to raise the importance of information discovery, but there still seems to be a total lack of understanding about the importance of search.

Too many organizations bolt it onto sites as an afterthought or work under the assumption (usually partially or even totally incorrect) that, since their CMS implementation includes a search engine, all their problems are solved.

However, the search functionality in many CMS products is there to help authors find content for reuse and not to provide volume searching of the repository."



Martin White - Econtent -
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