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Monday, August 30, 2004

Carry Over Your Best Internet Explorer Features To FireFox

"I have been an explorer user for a long time. The question is not whether I like it or not. The question is, is there something that can reasonably replace it.

Between spyware and BHO's changing my home page on a regular basis I was getting annoyed with IE. I did not like Firefox at first except for the speed of rendering.

For me there were too many things in IE that I was used to using to consider switching over.

So I decided to see what could be done to Firefox to make it more familiar like IE.

Now I can honestly say I have the "feel" of Internet Explorer without all of the intrusive problems. I haven't run a spyware checker for a while now, and my home page never changes."

If you are still using a Windows PC user and feel the same way like Dan McTaggart head off to FirefoxIE and get your Mozilla browser to do all of the great things IE allowed you to do without any of the crap that you had to put up with.



Dan McTaggart -
Reference: FireFoxIE
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2004-09-03 14:18:49

Andrew Denny

I'm a Firefox user on Apple, and I find it buggy and it crashes frequently on my favourite sites. One of these is I'm forced to use Firefox because Safari doesn't work properly with Typepad.

I switched to Mac for personal use a few months ago, and the whole experience has been a huge disappointment for me. I sigh with relief when I sit down to IE6 on a PC running XP. Obviously my mileage varies from yours...

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