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Saturday, August 28, 2004

PC Intrusion Prevention Software: Quickfix Pro

"Today's fast-spreading worms and viruses can infect every vulnerable PC on the Internet within minutes.

Some worms shut themselves down long before the Anti-Virus vendors have even had a chance to analyze how they spread. Many of those leave thousands of Trojans in their wake. need look no further than the recent outbreaks of viruses and worms such as MS Blaster, Bagle, soBigF, My Doom, Netsky and Sasser. In February 2004, the W32.Bizex worm infected 50,000 machines in less than 3 hours. Yet, before Anti-Virus vendors could update Anti-Virus signatures, the worm had already stopped its spread. At this point the damage had already been done."

If you want to apply a new and innovative level of extra protection to your exploration around the jungle that today's Internet has become, Qwik-Fix Pro may have the answer you are looking for.

The unique advantage of this new security protection tool is that it protects your PC at its very roots, without having to depend, like most any other anti-virus program, on timely anti-virus updates and dedicated patches to frequently download to your computer.

This new technology proactively seeks out the protection and strong defense of all those typical areas, vulnerable components, pathways and access areas which are the favourite target of malware, spyware, viruses, worms and trojans of all kinds.

Qwik-Fix Pro addresses those critical dangers and threats even before vendor security patches become available. According to the company "Qwik-Fix Proâ„¢ users were protected in advance from Sasser, MSBlaster, SoBig.F, and even the recent Scob and download.ject worms" and "Qwik-Fix Pro actively closes the Window of Exposure, that often lengthy period of time between when a security vulnerability is identified and the time that a patch is developed and deployed onto computers."

To find out more Qwik-Fix Pro unique protection approach download "Reducing the Window of Exposure.(pdf) The Good news is that this technology can also be freely downloaded for your own evaluation and assessment until October 31st 2004.

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Readers' Comments    
2004-12-31 21:37:18

Geoff Shively

eeee sounds like you guys/girls are having some problems. Did you try customer support? Can I help you with anything? If so, you can email me directly.

2004-10-03 17:19:13


try to delete q?cmd key value from the windows register tree and all the key value contain Qwik-Fix, then you can uninstall them.

2004-10-03 17:08:52


I got the same error message saying the program installer had fatal errors. How do I remove this from my system?
I try to inhibit it start at the same time as windows start, and deleted all the key value at the register key, but I still can not remove this program.

2004-09-19 00:20:05


Qwik-Fix Pro home version seemed to have downloaded properly and was successfully installed. Or at least I thought it did. I keep recieving error messages about another Qwik-Fix running in another session. I tried to uninstall but I got another error message saying the program installer had fatal errors. How do I remove this from my system? Contacted support but still no answer.

2004-09-01 00:57:11


Whether my single-user free version worked or not, I can't say, all I know it didn't uninstall without a fight - just turning it off didn't prevent the error messages indicating an associated background program running. I had to safe mode boot and remove registry entries just to get XP program removal to give me the removal button.

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