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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Audio As A Web Marketing Tool

"Most visitors to your website are using computers with audio capabilities. Recently introduced techniques make it easy to take advantage of this capability.

In the past, web audio was primarily decorative, consisting of musical fanfares or other clichéd sound effects. Now, you can use audio to multiply the impact of your message and create stronger bonds with your visitors.

Audio's power comes from its ability to engage more of your visitor's senses. The more senses you engage, the easier it will be to effectively communicate. Instead of just reading your words and looking at your picture, you can communicate with your voice - and the voices of your clients."

A short but interesting article on leveraging audio for creative and useful publishing purposes.

Here are some of the good ideas put forward for effectively using audio for online marketing purposes :

  • Testimonials. Audio testimonials are far more powerful that written testimonials, especially if you include a photograph of the individual speaking the testimonial.

  • Guarantees. Your satisfaction guarantees gain impact when you deliver them in your own voice.

  • Seminars and teleconferences. Short excerpts about upcoming events can make your event even more appealing.

But outside of the other four applications listed in the full source of this article, there are certainly a few more intelligent uses that could be made of this.

Anything you could add?



Roger C. Parker -
Reference: Woosy Info
Readers' Comments    
2004-09-02 18:01:38


These comments reinforce the imperative for 'content in context'. Not everyone is willing or able to consume information via audio at a particular point in time because of the particular circumstance (context) they happen to be in at that time e.g. a crowded office and you're not wearing headphones/microphone. Unannounced audio may also be very irritating - but a clickable icon that launches an audio clip is another matter...

2004-09-02 00:55:11

David Smith

Just because you CAN do it doesn't mean you SHOULD do it.

1. Surfing is an individual experience. An audio clip announces to the whole room -- or office -- what you are doing (interrupting everyone).

2. While you can look away from a Web page if you want to talk to someone or answer the phone, you can't divert your ears.

3. I contend most mainstream users print out or cut-and-paste valuable research information when they find it. Anything in audio is lost.

I humbly submit you should put your energies into better copy, not audio bells and whistles.

2004-08-29 13:17:24

Robin Good

I think you are very right in your comments about the editorial quality of this site.

Nevertheless I think there is INDEED good opportunity for brave, innovative and well thought-out ideas (including testimonials) to be utilized in this space.

Re beating out a cheesy audio clip, I agree: anything can beat it. But if you stretch that audio clip to be a true reality clip of something valuable your customer "spontaneously" said, that is pretty hard to beat. I know it is hard for you to think HOW to achieve this, but give it time and you will see many different ways that will become available to included.

2004-08-26 20:52:03


That site is a spamming e-newsletter site. Few things are more annoying that unannounced audio on a web site. A written testimonial will aways outperform some cheesy audio clip.

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