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Monday, August 23, 2004

Find Out EVERYTHING About Any Web Site: URLinfo

Michael Fagan is at it again with one of his great search services. "Fagan Finder's goal is to help people find what they are looking for" and URLinfo, the latest gem in his search collection, just launched overnight and still in beta.

It sports the most complete and comprehensive toolset to scope, test, verify and X-ray any Web site that is reachable online.

Wow. I am impressed.

The sheer number of services (86) that Michael put together for this service is by itself awesome, and while exploring through it you can find many a jewel that you didn't know about.

URLinfo allows to scope all kind of useful information about a Web site, including valuable authority and popularity data, WHOIS information, multiple linkback indicators, access to cached data, performance, size, related sites, references from the blogosphere and the Web, validation tests, translation options and much more.

URLinfo uses a simple frame-based interface to provide simple and direct access to all of these disparate services from one relatively simple page. Access is simple and effective. A bookmarklet is also available for direct, one-click access from your preferred Web browser.

Michael Fagan injects also the correct does of viral marketing into it all, guaranteeing himself and the service a self propagating exposure while gaining further exposure and visibility. Through a simple form anyone can generate a text link or mini-tag that can provide your Web site visitors with the valuable data generated by URLinfo.

Within the greatness there is also still wide margin for improvement as a number of tools exploited by Michael Fagan's new free service are of dubious quality and relevance.

With improved organization and grouping of these excellent tools a valuable credibility dashboard could be easily devised, providing a killer service to the community tat is not yet available anywhere. Adding some relatively small computational calculus to estimate average scoring across different indicators would make this even more useful in many situations.

Michael also needs to bump up his information design skills, as such valuable search tools should provide as much usability as content results. I take joyously opportunity to renew my past offers to him for full support in helping make such great search resources visually effective, more accessible and easier to navigate.

Great work Michael, you are a gift from heaven for information seekers.

Keep it up!

Fagan Finder: URLinfo



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