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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Synchronize PC And Laptop Data Seamlessly: BeInSync

Datapod, an Israeli company, brings to market an aptly named tool to facilitate the popular need to easily synchronize PC laptop contents with one or more desktop computers.

Chris Shipley, reports its first impressions about version 1.0 in its latest release of DEMOletter.

"BeInSync, the software, uses secure peer-to-peer technology to synchronize files among multiple computers.

The solution is ideal for individuals, like me, who rely heavily on both desktop and laptop systems, and for small businesses that need basic file sharing among office computers.

...everything about this software is basically transparent. You simply download the software, follow the install instructions, and repeat the process on the computers you want to synchronize. With the software easily installed, BeInSync goes to work.

The ease of use alone could recommend this product. Still, BeInSync adds remote Web access and SSL encryption to ensure that the software meets the objectives of sensitive business users.

The company has also made the product easy to buy. For the next 60 days, BeInSync is free. After the market trial period, the company shifts to a subscription model, priced at $5.99/month for up to three PCs per user.

If you have ever struggled to keep files in sync (and who hasn't) it's worth the quick download to give BeInSync a try."

I am out to give it a whirl myself. Will be reporting on how it performs soon. Thanks to Chris Shipley for scouting this promising tool.

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Readers' Comments    
2004-08-29 07:06:12


i do concur with your apt comment, yes indeed why not charge once for the product and go away?

2004-08-28 17:58:36


Great concept.

2004-08-23 11:40:28

Andrew Wright

Not yet another subscription model. I am sick and tired of people trying to tie me into monthly payments. Give me the product, charge me once and then go away.

Sorry to sound grumpy about this.

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