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Monday, August 16, 2004

Niche Blogs Can Be Outstanding Advertising Channels: Rich, Relevant, Discrete

I don't know much about others, since everyone is so secretive about profits and advertising returns, but I am rather curious, and outside of Google imposing policies to its publishers and advertisers (not to disclose detailed information about their accounts) I feel I want to share and learn more about the routes and venues to independent publishers sustainability.

So, like everyone else who doesn't like to depend on one customer only, I have explorer alternative and complementary venues to Google AdSense, my chief advertising supplier.

Next to Blogads, which is a valuable and still promising clearinghouse for advertisers targeting the blogosphere (though with major limitations screaming for improvement for over a year), I have been more recently experimenting with Kanoodle, a mix PPC search engine and advertising agency which allows me to fully select the specific "ad feeds" that Kanoodle will integrate into my selected Web pages.

This means that, in sharp contrast with the Google AdSense program, Kanoodle allows its ad publishers to fully select the "niche categories" of ad feeds that will be matched to their Web pages.

In my personal view, this approach provides much greater ability for the publisher to guarantee a consistent and relevant selection of contextual text-based ads to appear next to publisher's content and thus a much greater opportunity for offering readers useful and complementary product information that they may find worth clicking on.

Well, the first 10 days of testing with this alternative provider have yelded some pretty impressive results.

Especially so, when considering that the sites offer counter-information on issues ranging from health and alternative energy to world politics. On the two Communication Agents Initiative Web sites that I chose for this Kanoodle test, I have had to restrain almost completely the use of advertisements before, as traditional channels and ad systems did not provide relevant content for such counter-information sites.

Google AdSense did not provide any relief to this, as its own automatic content-scoping algorithms often fail to generate relevant and complementary text ads on the pages where they are used. Worse than that, you may end up with Google AdSense showing ads that openly promote products in sharp contrast with your statements and site ethics.

But with Kanoodle all this was history.

Yes, Kanoodle is not Google, and it does not nearly have the inventory of ads and advertisers that Google has. But the key point here, is that different approaches than Google's own highly acclaimed AdSense program, can work as well, if not better.

Some data to corroborate the above, as reported to me via email by my Kanoodle's own account officer reporting and supporting my specific sites:

"CTR does appear to be very high.

Based on our pageview numbers, we are seeing an overall CTR of around 20%, (7/29 to 8/10). Very impressive."

Talk about effective conversion ratio and sustainability of bloggers?

Start posting serious stuff, instead of flying high from personal to trivial, and you will see what I am seeing myself.

N.B.: I am sure I am not the only one experiencing these results. I also anticipate with confidence that highly targeted niche sites, that produce high-quality content on a systematic basis are bound to be very sustainable in the very near future.

To see sample pages of the Communication Agents Initiative Web sites were the Kanoodle ads are being run, check individual articles in these sections of the two sites:

Health Supreme - Health section
(the Kanoodle ad feed displays text ads inside the right column)

Share The Wealth - Health Through Nutrition

(N.B.: Kanoodle proactively selects and evaluates sites that provide a good level of traffic, credibility and authority for inclusion in its program).



Readers' Comments    
2005-01-09 19:08:22

Ruy Miranda

Hi Robin.

I'm a 64 old-year man and began to learn by myself about internet three years ago. On 2004 I have launched my sites constructed and maintained by me. On the begin, at the end of 2001, the blogs were "borning". I took a look on them - they were, almost all, dairies.

On last week I have decided to know the current status of the blogs and have been surprised with the evolution that have occurred with them. Today I decided to search about advertising and stopped here.

After to read your article I took a look at Kanoodle and, frankly, it had not impress me. Indeed I don't believe in these advertisings. First, because the users are suspicious about them. Second, because I'm suspicious about the efficiency of these services or programs.

See you. I had experience with Google AdWords and Google AdSense. I maintain currently a discret presence on both. I have received many messages pointing errors in my campaigns that have not existed. But when they send me the information I had to change a given keyphrase because it had a poor performance, I gave up to go on. Such keyphrase had the best performance in that campaign.

On the other hand, the return on the investment was bad. I was losing money. Since that occasion I'm searching for the best channel to advertise. Today I have read two interteresting information about the matter. Maybe you can take a look. They are:
1. Perspective: Blogs Are the New
at and

2. Small Businesses May Benefit from Ego Surfing at

Both give data, statistics from researchs, that point trends in the subject. I'm thinking about the directions they point.

If you want answer me, please send me an email.

Thanks and good look.
Ruy Miranda

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