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Friday, August 13, 2004

Transparency And Credibility In The Blogosphere

The openness of Weblogs could help explain why many readers find them more credible than traditional media. Can mainstream journalists learn from their cutting-edge cousins?

The article "examines reasons why bloggers are more trusted than journalists. "Bloggers are more trusted, I think, because they are human and too often news organizations are not. Bloggers tell you who they are (usually) and what their backgrounds and biases are and their readers can judge them and engage with them on a personal level. News organizations are big and often monolithic and are reluctant to admit let alone share perspective or agendas."

...four reasons for trusting bloggers over general-assignment reporters:

1) Niche expertise.

2) Transparency in motives.

3) Transparency in process.

4) Forthrightness about mistakes.

...The craft of journalism itself is undergoing a shift as we move toward a more pliable online model. "Bloggers see news as a conversation," he says. "It's not over when it's in print; it's not fishwrap. News improves and the facts and the truth come closer when the discussion begins: when bloggers 'fact-check your ass' (in the words of blogger Ken Layne); when readers become writers (in the words of Jay Rosen); when the audience asks the questions the reporters didn't ask or finds the facts they couldn't find or adds the perspective they couldn't think of."

...Jarvis says his call for transparency should be appreciated by a news culture that demands transparency of government officials, politicians, business leaders and celebrities.

"It is our turn to open the shades, to reveal our process and prejudice, to engage in the conversation, to join in the community -- to be transparent.

Shouldn't we, of all people and professions, be the most transparent?"



J.D. Lasica - Online Journalism Review -
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