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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Instant Messaging Graduates To Workgroup Collaboration Tool

"Today, Palo Alto-based start-up Five Across introduced a new instant messenger system, called InterComm. At first blush, another IM system may seem redundant, silly and unnecessary. After all, AOL, MSN, and Yahoo already capture the vast majority of consumer IM users. What can a newcomer bring to the party to upset that triumvirate?

...InterComm is architected from the start to support group IM. InterComm supports communications to group members no matter if they are on- or offline. Because the software maintains an archive of group communications, you don't miss out on information that is shared while you are not logged in or otherwise unavailable. InterComm also supports simple document sharing, including version controls and notifications.

...The answer, it turns out, is plenty . . . and it doesn't even have to unseat the Top Three in order to make a respectable business proposition."

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