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Thursday, August 5, 2004

Where To Find Great Images For Your Site

FotoSearch is a great digital photo clearinghouse that taps into multiple stock catalogs (50) while providing one unified search access to hundreds of thousands of commercial-grade quality images.

Although I am a frequent and extremely satisfied user of Stock Exchange, a vibrant, informal and fast growing community of amateur photographers who upload and share without commercial restrictions their best shots, more than one time I had to come out empty-handed from my patient search hunts on their servers. While the value of some of the images available at Stock Exchange is just out of the ordinary, there are certain categories of images that you can't just find there.

For example, yesterday, I was looking for a photo of "people working inside an office space". Stock Exchange has very little inventory in areas that are too business-like as it covers much more subjects and themes in ways that are not always typical of the advertising world.

So I headed off for one of those other online image resources that I have recently researched, tested and recommended in my news and workshops: Fotosearch.

Within minutes I had literally hundreds of images of people in office spaces and I had only to choose my favourite one. Cost for the Web-sized version was USD $69. Approval and download took not more than two minutes.

Great selection, fast response, slick images and good prices too. Recommended.

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2005-04-20 01:09:20


ShutterStock is a great resource for stock photography as well

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