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Thursday, August 5, 2004

Robin Good Blogs The Future Of Conferencing

Today, at 12 noon New York time, I will be reporting/blogging live for about three hours, Stephanie Downs' live conferencing event "State of the E-conferencing Industry: Today's Issues and Tomorrow's Solution". If you are interested to attend a live conference on the future of Web conferencing while following in parallel a real-time reporting blog, this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

The panel of experts will be composed of:

Audio - Dan Rayburn, EVP,, will address the technology you are hearing so much about - VoIP or streaming audio. Is it really all they claim? And how will it change your world?

Video - Marc Beattie, Senior Analyst and Partner of Wainhouse Research, will discuss trends in streaming video and its integration or destruction of video conferencing.

Web - Liz Winfeld, author of The Web Conferencing Book, will address the hot technology of Web conferencing and how audio, video, and Web are coming together. What does this mean for the vendors and how does it affect the users?

Collaboration - David Coleman, Founder and Managing Director of Collaborative Strategies, will discuss the critical factors for adoption of collaboration technologies in an organization and how to make sure it spreads throughout.

Weblogs & RSS - Alex Williams, President and Founder of DecisionCast, will discuss the integration of new applications and formats into e-conferencing environments such as extending webcasts to mobile event spaces, using RSS and Weblog technology.

The event will be delivered through the Communicast conferencing platform which can be accessed with any personal computer and with most Java-enabled browsers.

Sign-up for the event is here.



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