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Wednesday, August 4, 2004

The Perfect News Site Profile: What's Yours?

Steve Outing points to his ideal news site profile. While acknowledging ideas coming from other journalists, opinion leaders and bloggers, Mr Outing pulls together an interesting set of traits that would bring the stale boredom of many present-day online newspapers to the age of breaking news, user participation, RSS, and more.

Though you may not be in favour of some of the traits such site would have, this is an interesting starting point from where to draw your own key traits for a powerful news site.

Would yours be the same as these or would you list different ones?

1) The scroll-less home page

2) Get smarter about photos - larger size and better placement

3) Get smarter about ads - better sizes, less intrusion, better placement

4) More multimedia

5) Add Breaking News section - Syndicate News headlines

6) Integrate a group blog

7) Start integrating wikis too

8) Add interactive, from-the-community content

9) Kindler, gentler registration or better yet optional registration

10) Develop thematic, "curated" or local search capabilities

11) Think (and link) outside yourself - linking to competitors

12) Publish RSS feeds

13) Use permalinks

Are you in tune with this list?

What would you change or have different?

In ten or less characteristics, what is the profile of your ideal news site?

(Contribute your best ideas and share the name of those sites that according to you come closest to the your ideal news site profile.)



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