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Monday, August 2, 2004

Spread Your Change-Agent Ideas On The Web: ChangeThis Helps You Do It!

Bloggers are special. A jumble of slanted, shouting voices have overcome our airwaves, infiltrated our newspapers, filled every corner of our waking lives, and they aren't going to stop. It's affecting all of us. You may have noticed that every argument seems just a little more heated than the last--is it any surprise, when each one of has been listening just a little bit less? It's a sign of more to come. But now, people are listening to bloggers instead. Blogging is the populist response to the media hegemony: a sea of independent voices."

"ChangeThis is aiming to disrupt the media pattern with powerful, rational arguments from leading thinkers. We know that we deserve better than what we've got. We know there's a thoughtful, caring, rational human inside every one of us. We're working with the brightest minds we can find. And we believe that bloggers are crucial to changing the tone of our collective dialogue. We need you to help us spread the word. And if you've got something to say, we want to help you say it. And if you've got a blog, sign up here to get early access to the manifestos we'll be publishing in August."

Starting this month, ChangeThis is creating a new medium for spreading thoughtful, innovative, and important ideas. A truly brave and innovative effort to change things for the better. Spearheaded by e-marketing guru Seth Godin, ChangeThis is an experimental effort to create momentum and attention around key new ideas of our times.

In particular, authors, bloggers, independent publishers can leverage the large potential distribution reach of ChangeThis to get their key idea to the world much before everyone can get to buy and read their book or Web site. So instead of trying to get everyone to read a book, ChangeThis spreads individual manifestos: the core of the author's argument in as few words as possible. To do this ChangeThis keeps a mailing list of people who want to hear about important new ideas. It's just enough to convince the reader he needs to read more, but not enough to intimidate him out of reading it in the first place. "Ideas spread best from person-to-person and the more the manifesto spreads, the more the idea takes root." Find out more about Seth Godin ChangeThis by reading his own manifesto for this project (PDF).



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