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Sunday, August 1, 2004

The Ad-Jay: Will Bloggers Mix, Edit And Match Their Preferred Ads?

"As search-result pages from Google and Yahoo get increasingly crowded by competing ads, programs that syndicate ads out to third-party sites may become even more attractive to online advertisers. But those services need to improve.



I recently started running Google AdSense ads on my own weblog, Contentious, and the results have been disappointing so far -- mainly, I think, because Google's method of categorizing my blog's content is so ham-handed that the service winds up displaying ads that offer little appeal to my readers.

I know my readers better than Google does. Why can't I suggest a list of relevant keywords and phrases to guide the type of ads that will be displayed on my blog? Right now, all the ads on my site are for blogging tools -- but my readers are far more interested in writing/editing services and e-learning.

The clickthrough rate would be much higher if I could somehow communicate this insight to Google."

Amy, you are definitely right on the mark with many of these comments. Let me share some of my own learning experiences on how to resolve the lack of AdSense relevance inside your blog or news articles while taking your good points one at a time.

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