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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Digital Librarians, Findability And The Future Of Informed Decision-Making

"Intelligence is moving to the edges, flowing through networked computers, wireless devices, empowered users and distributed teams. Ideas spread like wildfire. Innovations emerge from uncharted borderlands. Information is in the air, literally.

We're exploring a new world called cyberspace, and we're navigating without a map. How do we make informed decisions in the information age? How do we know enough to ask the right questions? 3 billion web pages. 6 billion people. Who do you ask? Who do you trust? How do you find the best product, the right person, the data that makes a difference?"

Peter Morville makes the case again for the importance of "findability". While other emerging disciplines like Information Architecture, Usability Engineering and Information Design may get a lot of attention, "findability" is of the essence in making us capable decision makers vis-a-vis the ocean of information that we are presented with.

"I hope that as ambient findability becomes reality, we are able to offset the inherent dangers of group think and mob justice by empowering literate individuals with the ability to find and recognize the truth, make informed decisions, and when necessary act independently. I believe librarians have an important role to play in leading us towards this more desirable future."
A wonderful essay by Peter Morville, rich in insight and valuable references. An absolute must read.

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