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Monday, July 26, 2004

How To Create Poster-Sized Prints From Normal Digital Images

An excellent tool for workshop presenters, trainers, facilitators and even for marketing and sales staff, is this little easy-to-use utility which allows you to enlarge and tile-print any image file to a poster-size format. This is extremely handy when you have a low-budget and need to have maximum visual impact in a presentation.

Especially if you have to use maps, large organigrams or critical project flowcharts, printing on many individual A4/Letter size sheets, and then creating large master photocopies is extremely effective. What you need to do, is simply to create your final layout/image composition in a program that allows a) the specification of a very large paper format, b) and the tiled output to be printed on many individual smaller sheets.



Once the individual tiles are printed, you need to join them all together with transparent tape and precision. Done that, the large collage can be taken to a large photocopy shop and a master photocopy can be created that is as perfect as an original. I have done this several times before while using Adobe Illustrator, and the resulting master photocopy is an excellent presentation material as it perfectly hides all of the tile joints to the viewer.

Yes, one could also create the overall layout and then go to a service bureau that can print from your diskette directly onto a very large format printer. Probably if you have a good and ongoing relationship with such a service (rare but possible), this maybe the very best way to go about it.

But for those who do not have access to large format printers and the right software to create the artwork, Digital Camera Poster Creator does everything you need in a flash. Import the image you want to print in large size format and precisely select the size and number of tiles to be created. Measure resolution and fine tune your output. Starting at USD $29.95 for individual use this is a tool to take good note of. Recommended.

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