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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Technical Authors: Self-Publishing Is The Way To Go

Even technical authors are waking up to the possibility that self-publishing may be the way to go in the very near future. Now that "Print-on-demand" services have refined their tools and list prices, there are many compelling reasons to look at personal publishing rather than going after the long turnaround times and little paychecks that most of the major publishers may warrant. Also, "if you self-publish and have a success, you'll be in a very good bargaining position for your second edition: that is, if you think that a publisher could give you the "next level" in distribution and marketing. If, on the other hand, you publish a first-edition with a publisher, they will have a short press run, throw it against the wall," and only if it sells well with little more marketing they could then provide you with the extra money required to market and produce a second edition. As major publishers do provide excellent editorial and design services, independent technical publishers will need to improve their personal skills in these areas if they want to be able to compete seriously with what the industry has to offer. Having said that, I do see the self-publishing trend growing at a fast-pace and the publishing pioneers joining the ride to be soon reaping the many benefits that independency from the major presses provides.



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