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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Political Confrontation? Left Or Right Does Not Matter, The Quigley Formula

Personal involvement and agenda definition is what really counts. "Many people want simple solutions for political problems. They are not interested in complexities. When confronted with the fact that both major parties (in the US) are committed to the same agenda, their reaction is: "OK, but who ya gonna vote for?" That, of course, reveals that they don't really understand the Quigley Formula. They honestly believe that their vote for one of the two major presidential candidates makes a difference. This simplifies things a lot for them, because all the complex issues can be boiled down into just one decision: "Who ya gonna vote for?" In the real world, things are not that simple. ... We may not have much influence in the election of a president, but we can, with sufficient effort at the precinct level, have significant effect on the outcome of Congressional races. Second, there are candidates from other parties who may be worthy of our support. "But he can't win," is the common response. My reply is so what? Elections are not football pools in which the object is to win a bet. The purpose of an election is, not to pick winners, but to support candidates who reflect our political philosophy. Even if a candidate does not win, the size of his vote is a visible measure of the number of people who support his philosophy, and that can become an important element in shaping public policy. There is no virtue in voting for a winner if he is a collectivist dedicated to our enslavement. Casting votes and working for candidates, as important as those activities are, represent merely the entry-level of political activism. ...The real action lies in participating in the process that selects the candidates and defines the issues. This is possible only by seeking influence and leadership in political parties, government agencies, educational institutions, media organizations, and other power centers of society." ....including your own blog, news site, RSS feed, radio program, music piece, videoclip or movie. Because it is in the hands of those who can effectively question, understand and share with others their vision, that the future belongs.



G. Edward Griffin - [ Read more ]
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